Photoshoot with Pizzuti Photography

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Blacklight Party!


My SXSW Journey.

At just 18 years old last week I was able to perform at one of the biggest music festivals in the US. SXSW. I got to hangout with some of the most talented and successful people I’ve ever met! I was featured on a few websites like and !!! Not to mention on youtube HartBeat, a pretty famous youtuber, put me in her video!! Damn!

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So, While I have a 3 hour layover in Dallas I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me over the years and who support me now. For everyone who helped me out I just want to say thank you. I feel incredibly blessed to have performed out at SXSW in Austin Texas, one of the most diverse, musical, gorgeous, and friendliest cities ever. I made alot of friends down here and this has been the best experience of my life so far. My set went awesome, (even butterscotch complimented my beatboxing lol). This is a HUGE accomplishment and a big milestone in my career. A big thank you to my agency The Color Agent for picking me for this opportunity, and to all my friends and family, I love you guys and I wouldnt be where I am today without you. See you next year Austin. This is only the beginning!!!

So excited to be signed with the new talent agency The Color Agent!

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Picture Updates

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#tbt to the Neon Party Video

Crazy Neon Video

New Sponsors Shoot! with Kristin Chalmers Photography

New Sponsors Shoot! with Kristin Chalmers Photography

New Photoshoot!








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